Saturday, December 27, 2008

Heading South

Well, I'm trying to anyway. At the moment, due to flight delays, I am just waiting at my gate in the San Francisco airport. This means I haven't even left my hometown yet, but hopefully soon I will be en route to Antarctica.

It takes about a week to get from California all the way down to Palmer Station. First I have two days of flying (possibly more with weather delays). From San Francisco I fly to Dallas, then from Dallas there's an overnight flight to Santiago, Chile, and then from there we fly to Punta Arenas, Chile. In Punta Arenas I will check out Extreme Cold Weather Clothing. This is the super-spiffy polar-specific clothing that the NSF loans us to use while on the Ice, including the signature big red parka that you see everyone wearing in photos from Antarctica. Then I will board a research icebreaker ship, the Laurence M. Gould, and sail south for about four days to the Antarctic Peninsula and Anvers Island, where Palmer is located.

Oh, we are getting ready to board now...


  1. bon voyage! can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. yippeeee!!! good luck and looking forward to reading your adventures here :)