Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Little Ice Piece

So far I have eight Antarctic compositions that I am working to complete and record this spring and summer. These works range in length from 6 to 10 minutes each, so I already have close to an hour of Antarctic music. Additionally, I have ideas for two more pieces I'd like to write: one that combines my recordings of sparring Southern Elephant Seals with kelp horns, and a more gritty noise-oriented piece crafted from glacier ice recordings.

The Melting Marr Ice Piedmont, from Amsler Island

While searching out fodder for the ice noise composition I decided to put together a short glacier piece as a fun side project. So, here is Terminus, a little piece created entirely from field recordings of the Marr Ice Piedmont, including calving, small cubes of ice rolling down steep ice cliffs, the surface of the glacier creaking under my weight, and gurgling and percussive rhythms from small meltwater streams.

Terminus (1:00, CD-quality wav file, 9.7 MB)
Terminus (1:00, mp3 file, 2.2 MB)

I recommend listening to this piece on headphones or speakers with good bass response so you can hear the booming of the calving glacier properly. Enjoy!


  1. Enjoying your compositions Cheryl. Looking forward to the next CD.

  2. Could use some rustling leaves and bird songs for :)

    When I tell people about teh body of work you are engaged in, I refer to you as the Andy Goldsworthy of music. Your Auntie, in Santa Fe